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No Shirt, No Shoes, Pants Optional

No Shirt, No Shoes, Pants Optional is the comedy podcast that doesn't care if you're wearing pants, or not. An eclectic mix of social commentary, fake interviews and just plain goofy mayhem. 

Aug 29, 2010

No Shirt, No Shoes, Pants Optional

Show #16 - Ferret Ghosts

This episode marks the departure of the ghost of the ferret as a seance is conducted by Madame Bolivia Peru whereupon the  ferret's ghost instructs Walter Fruitgum to seek professional help in order to stop the ghost from haunting the Ghost Goats Media Tower. We also feature our usual segments including Dr. Larry, our medical correspondent from Calgary, the Pants Optional Golden Thong Award of Achievement, and a return of Miss Manners who answers phone calls about manners and ghosts.